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Co-Chairman: Alexander A. Yudakov

Institute of chemistry
FAR Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Chief Research Officer
Head of Scientific-Technology Center

Far Eastern Federal University

Full Professor of the Oil and Gas Engineering and Petrochemistry Department

Professor Yudakov has been carrying out a lot of scientific research in the areas of decontamination and utilizations of industrial waste, purification of water and air, improvement of energy efficiency of industrial equipment and development of technologies for environmental safety, protection and remediation. Hi is a cooperative member of some international research projects. He is the author of more than 200 scientific publications, 20 patents and copyright certificates on technical systems and means of energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Professor Yudakov is an outstanding Reviewer in the International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment, Environmental technology and Innovations and other.

Co-Chairlady: Valeriya A. Pinchuk

National Metallurgical Academy, Ukraine

Head of Department of the Energy Systems and Energy Management

Professor Pinchuk’s area of scientific research is improving treatment of solid fossil fuels, coal purification, gasification and combustion, emission monitoring and control, as well as low potential energy harvesting and storage. The main course of a few last years research is development of environmentally friendly technology of the thermal processing of coal and different types of waste, integral technology of coal and coal-water fuels processing, including fuel preparation, pre-activation, combustion processes, decreasing of emissions of CO2 and NOx, useful properties utilization, earth rare elements extraction, etc.

Professor Pinchuk has worked on a number of research projects including investigation of the high-temperature processing of industrial and agricultural waste for achieving energy efficiency and environmental protection improving; biomass, coal and calcareous materials heat processing in dense and fluidized beds for environmental protection improving and fossil fuels economy; enhancement of the matter waste utilization technology and processes of energy harvesting in the metallurgical industry.

She is a member of the American Society of the Thermal and Fluid Engineers, a Reviewer in the Fuel Processing Technology, Environmental Pollution and some other renowned scientific journals. She serves as a member of Editorial Board of the International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment

Editorial Board

Co-chairman: Dean Vučinić

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Professor at Vesalius College

Prof. Dr. Ir. Dean Vučinić joined Vesalius College (VeCo) in 2017, which is affiliated to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), and became adjunct professor for Foundation/European Business Communication educational programmes. He has been affiliated to VUB since 1988. Before VeCo, he was guest professor and senior research scientist at the VUB Faculty of Engineering Sciences (IR) in 2 departments: Mechanical Engineering (MECH) and Electronics & Informatics (ETRO).

He is also the part-time associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology (FERIT), University of Osijek, Croatia.
His work is mostly related to Research and Development (R&D) projects, and his interest covers Scientific Visualization, Modelling and Simulation, Optimization methodologies and techniques.

His Ph.D. became a book, as in the early 90's he developed "CFView - Computational Field Visualization System", the first-time-ever interactive visualization software for numerical simulations, fully based on the object-oriented technology. VUB spin-off NUMECA is still using his software after more than 20 years, more than 20 VUB PhD-s applied CFView in their visualization and data analysis tasks.
During almost 30 years at VUB, he successfully participated in more than 20 European projects under the European Frameworks, EUREKA/ITEA and Tempus educational programs.

Prof. Vučinić is author of more than 60 scientific papers in international reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and in addition, author of several book chapters.
He is member of International Boards of Journals and Conferences, acting as chair, session organizer, reviewer and editor. He is promoting and encouraging international cooperation in research and development, and education; realised initiatives with USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, India, Egypt and Japan, among others. He is the European Commission expert in H2020 and member of international organizations: AIAA, IEEE, ACM, SAE & ASME.

Scientific Chairman: Andrey V.Kuzmin

International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment
Begell House, USA

Managing Editor

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Senior Researcher

Graduated in Kazan Aviation Institute named after A.N.Tupolev in 1987 as an Engineer Physicist he worked at the Laser Technology Center of Academy of Sciences of USSR. He got his Ph.D. degree in 1996 at the Institute for Engineering Thermal Physics National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, where he had been working as a senior researcher.

Dr. Kuzmin has a wide area of scientific interests covering different fields of thermal physics, hydro-gas- dynamics, conventional and alternative energy-related technologies, environmental safety and protection, energy efficiency and storage as well.

He is a member of the American Society of the Thermal and Fluid Engineers, a Reviewer in the Fuel Processing Technology, Environmental Technology and Innovations, International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research, Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer and other high rated indexed periodicals.

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Co-Editor: Abdul-Ghani Olabi

University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Chair and Head of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Department

Professor Olabi is Chair and Head of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Department “SREE” at the University Of Sharjah “UOS”. Before joining UOS, he was the director and founding member of the Institute of Engineering and Energy Technologies at the University of the West of Scotland.

Professor Olabi received his M.Eng and Ph.D. from Dublin City University, since 1984 he worked at different national and international institutes such as; National Research Centre-Italy “CNR”, Research Centre of FIAT-Italy “CRF”, Dublin City University “DCU” and Institute of Engineering and Energy Technologies “IEET” at UWS. Prof Olabi has supervised postgraduate research students (10 M.Phil and 32PhD) to successful completion. He has edited more than 20 proceedings, and has published more than 350 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and international conferences, in addition to more than 25 book chapters. In the last 4 years Prof Olabi has patented 2 innovative projects.

Professor Olabi is the founder of the International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection SEEP, and the International Conference on Materials Science and Smart Materials. He is the Subject Editor of the Elsevier Energy Journal, Editor in Chief of the Encyclopedia of Smart Materials (Elsevier), Editor of the Reference Module of Materials Science and Engineering (Elsevier), Editor in Chief of Renewable Energy section of Energies and board member of a few other journals. Prof Olabi has coordinated different National, EU and International Projects. He has produced different reports to the Irish Gov. regarding: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and Solar Energy. Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Department “SREE” has around 600 students, 15 academic members, 6 Engineers and administrators working on Teaching, Research and Innovation of the renewable energy sectors and related fields.

Country Editor, India: Monu Verma

Amity University, India

Assistant Professor

Dr. Monu Verma completed his graduate and post-graduation from Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCS University), formerly Meerut University, India. Thereafter, he received his doctorate from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in India on nanotechnology applications in environment. He received post doctorate offers from different international universities including to Hunan University, Beijing University of Technology and National University of Seoul. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor in Amity University, India.

Dr. Verma has been carrying out a lot of scientific research in the areas of nanostructured materials application in the different fields including to decontamination of chemical warfare agents, wastewater treatment, and waste uses in environment safety. He published fifteen high impact articles in SCI/Scopus journals and six different international conferences. Currently, Dr Verma received InSc Awards 2019 on best articles.

He is a member of material research society (MRS), a Reviewer in the Aquatic Toxicology, International Journal of Nanoparticles and Nanotechnology, bioresource technology and other high rated indexed periodicals.

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Country Editor, Indonesia: Agus Haryanto

University of Lampung, Indonesia

Assistant Professor

Dr. Agus Haryanto completed his bachelor's and master’s from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He received his doctorate from Mississippi State University (USA) on Agricultural and Biological Engineering in 2008. Now, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, the University of Lampung, Indonesia. He teaches on Renewable Energy and Life Cycle Analysis.

Dr. Haryanto has been carrying out a lot of scientific research in the areas of biomass-based energy, including gasification, torrefaction, biogas, biodiesel, and life cycle analysis. Until recently he has published around 40 articles indexed in Scopus journals and dozens in local journals. He has an h-index of 12, the highest in the University of Lampung. Currently, Dr. Haryanto got a World-Class Research grant from the Directorate General of Higher Education of Indonesia for three years starting 2019.

He is a member of Indonesian Society of Agricultural Engineering (ISAE), and served as Reviewer in some international journals as Renewable Energy, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, CIGR Journal, Waste and Biomass Valorization, Current World Environment, and Journal of Energy.

Country Editor, USA: Zhien Zhang

Ohio State University,USA

Research Fellow

Dr. Zhien Zhang is Research Fellow in the Ohio State University, and Visiting Scholar in University of Cincinnati. He serves as an Editor in several journals, the committee member of the international academic conference and symposium, and reviewer for more than 100 journals. Up to date, Dr. Zhang has published more than 80 research articles, with a h-index of 18. He focuses on carbon capture and storage (CCS), chemical absorption, energy resources, and membrane technology.

Dr. Zhien Zhang is an Editorial Supervisor of the Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering of Elsevier

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Country Editor, Spain: Francisco M. Baena-Moreno

University of Seville, Spain

Research Fellow

Dr. Francisco M. Baena-Moreno is Research Fellow in the University of Seville from 2016. He has participated as a reviewer for high impact journals as well as he has published research articles with important relevance for the research community. Recently he has participated in well-recognized international conferences with high success.

Currently, Dr. Francisco M. Baena-Moreno focuses on carbon capture and utilization (CCU), biogas upgrading, renewable energy, membrane technology and forward osmosis application in industrial areas.

Country Editor, China: Wenxiang Zhang

Guangdong University of Technology,China

Assistant Professor

Dr. Wenxiang Zhang is an assistant professor at the Guangdong University of Technology. He got his Ph.D. in 2016 at the University of Technology of Compiègne, Sorbonne University, France. He serves as the editor for two academic books, and reviewer for more than 50 journals.

Up to date, Dr. Wenxiang Zhang has published more than 40 research articles, with an h-index of 12. He focuses on membrane separation and water/wastewater treatment.